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About e-kyla

Enter e-kyla

What is e-kyla?

Everything related to the contract and to the application can be managed in the on-line e-kyla database of the Student Village where one’s invoices can be followed and information posted about breakdowns, problems, etc. The user ID, password and address link required for entering the e-kyla system will be sent to your e-mail address after you sign your contract. If you have forgotten or lost it, do not hesitate to inform the Hall Manager or the Housing Department (e.g. send an e-mail and do not forget to mention your name) and a new password will be sent to you.

If you cannot log on to the system

First try to copy the link from the e-mail to the address bar and log in again or select e-kyla on the web site of the Student Village. Note that the user ID is not your full ID code. If you have forgotten the password, ask a new one from the Hall Manager or the Housing Department.

Reading messages in e-kyla

If you have received an e-mail that you have a message in e-kyla, you should log on to e-kyla to read the message. You will find the message by clicking the option “Teadete haldamine” (Management of messages) in the left-side menu. Clicking the date of the message will open the message.

How to find the invoice in e-kyla?

When you log on to the software, the information on the housing contract will open from the option “Lepingu haldamine” (Contract management) in the left-side menu. When you select “Halda arveid” (Manage the invoices), you can see all invoices issued to the tenant; the last ones are for the last month. Clicking the invoice number opens the invoice composition, and the information on the invoice includes also the reference number indicated in red. By selecting „Ava/salvesta arve” (Open/save invoice) under the invoice, the invoice will open as a pdf file for printing, saving or forwarding.

The payment information with current changes (including the fine for delay added to invoices past due) is on the current balance line above the invoices.