Living spaces for studentsin Tartu and Viljandi


About rent invoices

You can manage your invoices in e-kyla. In order to access your invoices, you have to enter to e-kyla, then choose from the left menu ‘Lepingu haldamine‘, click on your contract number and then click on button ‘Halda arveid‘.


  • Invoices will be presented to the tenant by the 14th of each month. If a contract starts after the 10th, the invoice will be presented during next four working days.
  • The rent should be paid by the 24th of each month. Student Village has right to demand the fine for delayed payments 0,02 % of the unpaid sum per day.
  • Invoices include the rent of the current month and payment for the public utility services provided during the previous month. An invoice for the internet service is also given for the previous month.
  • The rent can be paid either to the Student Village in cash or to the bank account of the Student Village in Swedbank, SEB, LHV or Nordea.
  • When paying to the bank account of the Student Village you must write a Reference number (viitenumber) to a reference number line. You will find our account numbers, your contract number and your personal reference number on the title page of your contract or on the invoice you have received.

About the payment of invoices

Different types of invoices (for the deposit and housing invoices) under each contract have different reference numbers but reference numbers on invoices of the same type under each contract will remain the same. Reference numbers will only change in connection with signing a new housing contract after moving. If someone else pays your invoices, please inform the payer of the new reference number after your moving.

If you pay invoices through the bank, it is necessary to use the reference numbers indicated on the invoices. Otherwise the amount paid will not reach the right contract or will be repaid to the bank account of the payer.

Bank/payment in cash

Invoices can also be paid in cash at the office of the Student Village on Mon–Fri 10.00 – 12.00; 14.00 – 16.00.

Payments in cash arrive in e-kyla at the moment of payment but when making a payment through a bank to an account in the same bank the payment information will arrive in e-kyla on the morning of the following working day.

About the rent charge on the invoices

The amount of the rent charge of the room is indicated in the housing contract. If a tenant wishes to live alone in the room, the rent invoice he or she receives will consist of the rent charge of the room and the utility services for the whole room. If the tenant lives alone in the room without having requested it, a 50% discount shall be applied to the rent charge in the course of one month. If no roommate is found and the tenant does not wish to continue using the room alone, he or she will have to inform the Housing Department of his or her request to move.

About utility services on the invoices

The amount of utility services will be different every month depending on the use of the service in the hall. The cost of 1 m2 of thermal energy and electricity will be calculated on the basis of the total consumption of the hall. The utility costs of each room will be divided between the effective housing contracts of the room. If there is only one effective housing contract in the room, its tenant will pay the total utility costs of the whole room. The cost of water consumed is divided between the tenants of the hall.

About balance entries on the invoices

A balance entry is the transfer of the balance (debt or advance payment) of a terminated contract to the effective contract. An entry of an advance payment reduces the current invoice by the amount of the balance entry. An entry of a debt increases the current invoice by the amount of the balance entry and the debt will be included in the invoice of the effective contract.