About e-kyla

E-kyla login

What is e-kyla?

E-kyla is an electronic database created by the Student Village where the tenant can manage everything concerning the contract and applications, follow their invoices, notify about technical issues and problems. The username, password and the address link for the e-kyla system will be sent with an email after the residential agreement is signed at the Student Village office.

If you have forgotten the username/password for the e-kyla system contact client service ().

Finding invoices in e-kyla

After logging into the system, select “Lepingu haldamine” on the left side menu, there you can see the residential agreement details. Select “Halda arveid” to see all of your invoices (latest invoices are on the top of the list).

To open the invoice, click on the number of the invoice. Selecting “Ava/Salvesta arve” from under the invoice opens the invoice in pdf format and it can be printed, saved onto the computer or forwarded.

Payment information with billing changes (including overdue payments on overdue invoices) can be found on the current balance line.