About rent invoices

Invoices can be paid via bank transfer or in cash at the Student Village office.

The payment date for the invoices is the 24th of each month. The fine for delayed payments is 0,02% of the unpaid sum per day.

When making a bank transfer, write the number of the invoice on the details line and write the reference number on the reference number line. If the reference number is missing, the amount paid will be transferred back to the bank account of the payer. If the reference number is incorrect, the amount paid will not reach the right contract.

Reference numbers will only change in connection with signing a new residential agreement after moving. If someone else pays your invoices, please inform the payer of the new reference number after your moving.

Cash payments settle invoices in e-kyla at the time of payment, bank transfers within the same bank will arrive in e-kyla on the morning of the following working day.

Rent and utility services

Invoices consist of rent for the current month indicated on the housing contract and utility services for the previous month. Utility services will be divided as follows:

  • water and sewerage services will be divided based on the number of people living in the residence hall;
  • electricity, heating and hot water will be divided based on the size of the rented space (m²)

The cost of utility services will be different every month depending on the use of the service in the residence hall. The utility costs of each room will be divided between the effective housing contracts of the room. If there is only one effective housing contract in the room, its tenant will pay the total utility costs of the whole room.

About balance entries on the invoices

A balance entry is the transfer of the balance (debt or advance payment) of a terminated contract to the effective contract. An entry of an advance payment reduces the current invoice by the amount of the balance entry. An entry of a debt increases the current invoice by the amount of the balance entry and the debt will be included in the invoice of the effective contract.