About self-isolation

What is self isolation?

Self-isolation is about protecting others and slowing down the spread of COVID-19. You must fully obey self-isolation rules after your arrival in Estonia. That means refrain from unessential contacts and you may leave your place of residence or permanent place of stay only to see:

  • a doctor
  • to purchase food
  • essentials and medicines
  • in the event of an emergency.

Self-isolation obligation

If you are arriving from a foreign country you will be required to observe the requirements to restrict your freedom of movement.

IMPORTANT! All students arriving from or transiting through a country in the “red” category (EU and non-EU) or that is not listed on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , must self-isolate for 10 days.

Self-isolation in the student residence

It is possible to spend self-isolation in the student dormitory under certain conditions.

New students in Spring semester

New students can self-isolate in the student residence. You can spend self-isolation in special isolation rooms. NB! Because self-isolation rooms are limited, you must let us know the date of your arrival.

Returning students

Students, who visited their home countries in the holidays, can spend their self-isolation in the student residence, if:

  • room mate and flatmates are not present in self-isolation period
  • they live alone in their room

We recommend to contact your roommate and flatmate before the arrival, so you can coordinate your arrival.

If you share a room with your roommate and flatmates, and they are present, then you cannot self-isolate in the student residence and have to spend 10-days somewhere else.

For further information, please visit University of Tartu homepage, where most frequent questions are answered.