In order to apply for a place at the student residence, an online form needs to be filled in.

About the application

  • All applications are registered in the order in which they were submitted and that is the basis of the queue.
  • There can only be one application in the queue. If a new application is submitted, then the original will automatically be cancelled.
  • The application is active for 30days. The application needs to be extended in E-kyla if the student wishes to stay in the queue. After 30days the applications expire and can not be activated. Applications, which have received 3 offers and declined all the offers will be cancelled.
  • Only a Student Village client manager can make changes to the application. To change the application, contact us at
  • After submitting the application, a confirmation e-mail with E-kyla login information is sent to the e-mail address submitted in the application.

How to fill in the application form

First, choose the correct city and room rate.

There can only be one room rate on the application.

Choose the suitable student residences.

When choosing the student residences, a preference can be chosen. If we do not have vacant places in the first preference, then we will offer other options. The more student residences on the application, the bigger the chance of receiving an accommodation offer.

Group application section.

This section only needs to be filled in when two students want to share the room together. The first student to apply, ticks the group application box and writes the name of the roommate into the comment section. The second student ticks the group application box, enters the application number or the first student into the “main application ID” section and writes their name into the comment section.

Entering personal information.

All fields with the “*” mark need to be filled in. It is very important that all the entered information is correct as this is the basis of a residential agreement.

If you don’t have an Estonian identification code, please write 0000 or 1234 or your own identification code from your local ID in the field of “Personal ID code”.

Entering bank information.

We need the bank information to return your deposit money to you at the end of the contract. It can be an international bank and it does not have to belong to the student.

Please enter IBAN into the account number field.

Enter the reason for the application and the start date of the contract.

The reason can be chosen from the drop-down menu. The starting date of the contract is also the move-in date. You can also indicate your lifestyle so we can find a suitable roommate.

The comments section can be used to let us know about a specific roommate or other important information.