Coronavirus instructions

Wash hands
Keep the distance
When ill, stay at home
Wearing a mask is recommended

In order to keep oneself and others safe, Tartu Student Village expects responsible behaviour and understanding attitude from the residents.

General instructions

  • Avoid contact with people who cough or sneeze. If you come into contact with a person with symptoms, there is a change that you will get sick.
  • It is recommended to wear a mask in common areas (eg. laundromat, kitchen, corridors).
  • Pay more attention to cleaning and maintaining cleanliness, ventilate the rooms.
  • When you’re sick, you need to stay at home! That also applies, when your symptoms are mild.

What if I tested positive or was in close contact?

What to do when you are infected of when you suspect you could be infected?

  • If you have been in close contact with a person infected with Covid-19 – stay in self-isolation, monitor your health and isolate yourself.
  • If you recieved positive test resultnotify the Student Village immediately via e-mail or phone. A representative of the Student Village will contact you as soon as possible with further instructions.
  • Residents living in the same room or apartment as the Covid-19 positive must also remain in self-isolation and monitor their health (except in the cases described by the Health Board).

If you suspect that you are infected with COVID-19, evaluate your health and act according to it:

  • Symptoms are rather mild or moderate – stay at home, monitor your condition and isolate yourself.
  • Severe symptoms (fever over 38, cough) – stay at home and call either the family physician advisory line 1220 or +372 634 6630 or your family physician.
  • Health is critical (you have difficulty breathing and need emergency help) – call the emergency number 112.