Living conditions

In order to be prepared when choosing and moving to a student residence, we recommend to check out the living conditions we offer.

Tartu Üliõpilasküla pakub majutust 11 üliõpilaselamus - Tartus kaheksas üliõpilaselamus, Viljandis kahes üliõpilaselamus ja Narvas ühes üliõpilaselamus. Koha taotlemisel tasub kindlasti olla tähelepanelik, et soovitud maja aadress asuks linnas, kus asuvad õpinguid. Iga elamu tutvustaval lehel on kirjas ka asukoha informatsioon. Kui soovite teada kui kaugel asub üliõpilaselamu õppehoone(te)st, siis soovitame selleks kasutada Google Maps'i.

Living conditions in student residences

The doors of the apartment and room can be opened with a key. The front door, common areas and corridor doors of the dormitory can be opened with a proximity card. Residents of Tartu will receive their keys from the reception desk of Raatuse 22. Residents of Viljandi will receive the keys Väike 6 student recidence during the reception hours. Residents of the Narva swill receive the keys from Kerese 14 student residence during the reception hours of the administrator.

All houses have twin beds in the double rooms. Single rooms have one single bed. Pepler’s 14 studios and Kerese’s 14 one-room apartments have a sofa bed. The bed measures are 200x80 cm. Each bed has a mattress and a mattress topper. Residents need to bring their own blanket, pillow and bed linen. We also offer a bedding set for a fee

The kitchens have electric stove, kitchen furniture and fridge. There is no cutlery (plates, mugs etc). Before bringing additional kitchen equipment, it is also worth talking to your roommates to avoid a situation where there are several microwaves in one kitchen, for example.

Refridgerators are in the kitchens. Narva mnt 89 and Kerese 14 has refridgerator in the room. Nooruse 7 doesn't have a refridgerator.

There is only furniture in the room, the tenants have to bring their own curtains and, if desired, a carpet.
There is a laundromat in each student residence. The laundromat is located on the ground floor or in the basement. Kerese's 14 student dormitory is located on the 2nd floor of a laundromat. The laundromat has washing machines, dryers, iron and ironing board. You must bring your own detergents to wash your laundry.
If you encounter technical issues, please let us know through the Help Center . To do so, go to our homepage, click the "Report a Problem" link on the right and select "Technical Issues" ". Then fill out the form and our service technician should resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Parking is free with parking permit in the student residence's parking lot, except in Raatuse 22 (see price list). Each resident of Tartu student residence gets a parking permit for one vehicle. The parking permit can be applied via e-mail (between 9.00 and 16.00 on weekdays) or 24/7 at the reception of Raatuse 22 student residence.
The Internet is provided by the University of Tartu. Read more information here . The Internet is with WiFi connection, there is no cable connection in the residences. If you want to get a TV service, you need to choose a service provider that offers over the air TV service.

Residential agreement conditions

When signing the residential agreement, please get acquainted with residential agreement terms and conditions, and pricelist.