Extending the contracts

On the 18th of May we will start extending the contracts for the next accommodation period (01.07.2020-30.06.2021).

We are transitioning to a new customer management program (E-kyla 2). So, in order to express your wish to extend the contract, please fill in a new application on our homepage www.campus.ee .

The application can be filled in from 18.05.2020 until 31.05.2020. Please mark 01.07.2020 as the date of moving in and write “extending the contract” into the comments.

As a matter of priority, we extend contracts with tenants who:

  • are students of the University of Tartu or the UT Viljandi Academy of Culture and will continue their studies in the autumn of 2020. NB! Repeated checks on study status are done throughout the academic year,
  • have not breached their obligations under the contract and the house rules and has not been in arrears or delays in payment of rent,
  • have no debt to the Student Village

A new user account will be created for you when you fill in the application and the details will be sent to the e-mail address you submitted with the application. Through E-kyla, you can manage everything related to the application and the contract.

The new E-kyla will send a deposit invoice to all tenants. If you have previously paid the deposit in full, ignore the invoice – you do not have to pay it.

When the new contract is ready to be signed at the office, a notification will be sent to your e-mail and after that you can come sign the contract at the Narva mnt 25 office. The new contract can be signed until the 19th of June.

If you have a contract valid until 30.06.2020 and you do not want to extend it, please notify us by e-mail .

In addition, we are informing you that from 01.07.2020 the price calculation of the rental service will change. In the future, the rental price will also include all utility payments (heat, water + sewerage, electricity) and the possibility to use the laundromat in the residential halls. The rental price will be the same during all months of the year.

When setting rental prices (to avoid hidden increase of price), the average consumption of utility services in each residence hall over the last three years has been taken into account. A similar, all included, pricing policy is used by other Nordic student villages and, since last year, also by the Taltech Student Village, who has received a lot of positive feedback from its tenants.

The rental prices that will take effect on 01.07.2020 are listed on the Student Village’s website www.campus.ee.

The rent adjustment has been approved by the board of the Tartu Student Village on the 30th of April 2020.