How do I pick up a package sent to the residence hall?

Tartu Student Village employees do not receive your registered packages with recorded delivery for you.

Your package will be handed to you by the courier (DPD, DHL, etc…) if you are at home at the moment. Otherwise you should give someone else the authority to receive your registered package.

I intend to enter the University of Tartu this summer – can I fill in the application for a place already now or after the confirmation of my application in SAIS?

We will start to accept applications from student candidates who have crossed the threshold value from 18.07.2019.

There is no sense in submitting an application earlier as your application will then be filed in the general order and your priority as a first-year student will not be taken into account. We will start offering places to student candidates who have filed their applications on or after 18.07.2019, assuming they have crossed the threshold value. Crossing the threshold value means that you have filed an application in SAIS for entering the University of Tartu and crossed the required threshold value.

Are any places/rooms available? Can we get a place for instance by September?

If you are a student of the University of Tartu and you would like to live in any of the Student Village residences, for the best part of the year we will usually be able to make you an offer at very short notice.

The period when you might have to wait longer is from the end of July to the end of September.

If you are an advanced student and you would like to be accommodated starting the end of August or the beginning of September, we may not be able to provide you a place immediately.

If you are a first-year student, you can apply for a place in a residence, and finalise a lease, already during the summer. You can still make out your lease to start on 25 August.

If you are a first-year student, and you are sure that you would like to live in a student residence in the autumn term, you should apply for a place and execute a lease as soon as the application period for first-year students opens. If you are an advanced student, you should do that before the application period for first-year students opens.

If I am the 495th in the queue, does it mean that it will take me several years to get the place?

Applications for places are in a general queue regardless of the content of the applications. So the order number of an application does not always mean that all applications before you should be granted. If you wish to get a place in any building but there are, for instance, numerous applications for single rooms just before you, a vacant place will be offered to you although many applications have not been granted yet just before you.

I would like to share a room with a friend who is also applying. How should we fill out the application and what are the chances of us being assigned the same room?

You should each fill out the application, indicating that you would like to have a place in a twin room. In the field ’Special requests’, you should give the full name of the person whom you wish to share the room with. When making an offer, we do our best to grant roommate requests if at all possible. If you make your roommate request at the point of executing your lease, it may turn out impossible for us to make arrangements to meet it.

Students willing to be accommodated as couples, can apply for a room in a shared apartment which is being used by couples only. There are some studio apartments in our residence halls, yet there are no vacancies and one needs to wait long to be offered studio apartment accommodation.

Why are the queues for single rooms so long?

The Student Village manages approximately 3 200 places and only about a hundred of them are single rooms. There is a high demand for single rooms but they are seldom vacated. Therefore it may take approximately a year or a year and a half to get a single room. So you could at first apply for a place in a room (or a twin room for one person, if available) and then, once you have a place, wait for a single room.

I have filled out the application but I would now like to change it. Can I do that?

If you wish to change your application (add or delete a residence, change the arrival date, etc.), you should send us an e-mail with your request to the address . This way we can make the change without your application losing its position in the priority list. If you create a new application in the e-kyla system, your application will drop to the bottom of the list.
If you’ve forgot your e-kyla (e-Village) username and password, you can request new ones by emailing us your name and your personal identification number to the address .

Why cannot the application for a place be submitted again from the web site?

If you have already filled in the application once on the web site, your personal account has been created in e-kyla and you can add new applications only in e-kyla.

If you’ve forgot your e-kyla username and password, you can request new ones by emailing us your name and your personal identification number to the address .

Why can’t I make two or more applications?

At any time, the system only allows you to register one application. Still, in that application, you can include multiple requests – you can indicate different residences, or make specific requests or add specific details to your request in the field ’Special requests’. We would recommend indicating several residences and specifying your order of preference in that field. If there are no available places in the residence that was your top choice, this will allow us to make you an offer of a place in the residence that was your next choice. If you limit your application to one residence only, the chances of us having an available place for you there are considerably smaller.

Can an expired application be reinstated?

An application for a place is valid for 30 days and an expired application will be deleted from the queue, unless you extend your application during this period. An expired application cannot be reinstated, you can submit a new application if you wish.

Is it possible to apply for a place in a residence hall even if I do not study at the University of Tartu?

Due to the shortage of vacant places we can currently offer places only to students of the University of Tartu. Also students of other schools can apply for a place but we will offer places to them only if the number of vacant places exceeds the number of applicants.

An offer has been made to me and I have accepted it. What should I do now?

If you have accepted our offer, the system will no longer show it with your application. The application will be assigned the status ’confirmed’. However, this is not the end of the process. It is not enough simply to accept the offer. You must also execute the lease within the period specified in the offer (7 days starting the date of the offer).

When I have sent my application for a place, does it mean that a place has been reserved for me and that I can come to school to Tartu and to the residence hall in the autumn without having to worry about it?

We will reply by e-mail to applications for place so fill in your application very carefully to be sure to enter correct information. All those who have got a place or a room in a residence hall will have to sign the housing contract within the period indicated and to pay a deposit. The amount of the deposit in a renovated building will be 150 EUR per place, in an old building 100 EUR per place. The deposit will not be repaid if the contract is cancelled before its coming into effect. Housing contracts are signed in the Housing Department of the Student Village on working days during office hours at Narva mnt 25. Read additional information about the housing contract here.

The two questions that new tenants almost invariably ask us before arrival are: Is my room furnished? Do I have to bring my own cooking and eating utensils?

Rooms in our renovated hostels are equipped with all basic furniture items – each resident has his or her own bed, desk, chair and shelves. Kitchens are equipped with a cooker, refrigerator and basic kitchen furniture. The rest – curtains, carpets, blankets, pillows, cleaning equipment, dishes, water boilers, toasters, etc. – is up to the resident. Before you buy anything major, however, it may be sensible first to meet with your roommates/flatmates and see what is there already, decide how you’re going to use it, and only then, if and as you agree, start purchasing new items.

I paid the amount indicated in the invoice but e-kyla shows a debt?

The due date of payment of invoices has been indicated separately on each invoice. The due date of payment of monthly invoices is the 24th date. If an invoice is paid after the due date, also an invoice for the fine for delay will be added, bearing the date of reception of the payment on the current account of the Student Village. The invoice for the fine for delay will be covered from the same payment, the rent will remain due for the same amount and the calculation of the fine for delay will continue on the basis of the same amount.

I paid the invoice but e-kyla shows that the invoice has not been paid…?

The status of invoices will be “payable” on the invoice management page until the due date of payment. After the due date the status of an invoice which is unpaid or partly unpaid will be “unpaid” (even if only 0.01 EUR remained due) and the debt column shows the unpaid amount in red. If an invoice is partly paid before the due date, the status will be “payable” until the due date without a reference in the debt column of the invoice register.

What does an invoice consist of?

The invoices include rent for the current month and the cost of utilities for the previous month. In case you have moved to another room/dormitory, you will still receive the said invoices to your previous contract as well. The aforementioned costs will also be calculated upon the termination of your contract. Any additional costs (lost keys, cleaning fee etc) will also be added to your invoice. All the invoices will be settled using your deposit and the remaining amount will be transferred to your bank account. The final deductions and transactions will take place in 20 days from the termination date.