House rules

  1. The due date for the rent invoices is the 24th date of every month

    Invoices can be paid by bank transfer or in cash at the bank or post offices. You can read more about invoices here.

  2. Quiet hours

    The quiet hours of the residence hall last from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. During the quiet hours it is prohibited to do anything that may disturb other residents. The guests should have left by 23.00.

    The Tenant is required to immediately notify the receptionist of the Student Village of any violations of the quiet hours 24/7 by calling on +372 742 4400.

  3. Good order in the rooms

    Smoking isn’t allowed indoors (except in the smoking rooms) in the residence hall, no consumption of alcohol or narcotic drugs. The tenants themselves have to clean the area inside the door of the apartment – the rooms, kitchen, toilet and shower room.

In order to enjoy your stay at our residential halls throughout your studies, please read carefully the General Terms and Conditions of the Residential Agreement.


Problems related to your accommodation should be notified to us by customer management system.

When you register your problem or emergency in the system, a corresponding work assignment will be issued to the person responsible for solving the problem.

You will receive a report concerning the handling of the problem and, if necessary, you will also be able to submit feedback to the way it was handled.

If your problem requires on-site attendance by a workman, please make sure the problem area is accessible and clear (for instace, in the case of a blocked sink drain, please remove any dishes from the sink and clean the sink). If access to the area is not ensured, repairs will not be performed.


What kind of materials should I be using to clean?

Using just a cloth and a brush is not enough for cleaning. Special cleaning agents are required for the removal of limescale deposits, grease, etc. and you can buy them together for the apartment. With regular cleaning you will get better results more easily.

How does the garbage system work?

Garbage and used packaging should be taken out by tenants themselves and it is advisable to sort them into the respective garbage containers. Read more, how to sort garbage in the student residence’s here.

Safety while cleaning

Use rubber gloves to avoid skin damage with domestic chemical products!

How to get rid of limescale?

Harpic Power Plus or Mayeri calc remover – an excellent products even for bathroom floors if used with a strong-bristled brush. Do not worry about the white bubbly reaction on the surface cleaned – the process decomposes the limescale and enables to remove it easily.

What can I use to clean the stove and kitchen range?

We reccomend Cif paste. NB! Do not pour liquid over the switches, because it is very hard to get dried paste out.

How to prevent clogged pipes?

In order to prevent clogging, it would be practical to use pipe cleaning agents regularly and to clean the drain pit in the shower room.

How to clean kitchen hood’s grease filter?

The grease filter can be cleaned with a dish-washing agent. Just remove grease filter from the kitchen hood, wash it, let it dry and install back.


Instructions for tenants in emergency and danger situations

Every year, we conduct evacuation drills in all our residential halls. With the following, we would like to remind you of the correct reactions to an emergency which are most commonly overlooked. Click here

Evacuation plans of residence halls

– Nooruse 7 evacuation plan 0-floor, floor 1, floors 2-9.

– Narva mnt 25 evacuation plan 1.-9. floor rooms_01-_14, rooms_15-_27, 0-floor B-Wing.

– Narva mnt 27 evacuation plan 1.-9. floor rooms_01-_14, rooms_15-_27, 0-floor A-Wing, B-Wing.

– Narva mnt 89 evacuation plan floor 0, floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, floor 4, floor 5

– Pepleri 14 evacuation plan 0-floor, floor 1, floors 2-3.,floor 4.

– Tiigi 14 evacuation plan 0-Floor, floor 1, floors 2-4, floor 5.

– Purde 27 evacuation plan 0-floor, floors 1-5.

– Raatuse 22 evacuation plan floor 1, floors 2-5, floor 6.

– Väike 6 evacuation plan floor 1, floor 2, floor 3.

– Jakobsoni 41 evacuation plan floor 1, floor 2.

– Paul Kerese 14 evacuation plan floor 1,floor 2,floor 3,floor 4.