Information to returning tenants

A two-week restriction on freedom of movement is mandatory for everyone showing symptoms. The requirement for individuals without symptoms to restrict their freedom of movement depends on from which country they began their trip or which countries they transited. If they departed from or transited a country with a coronavirus infection rate above 16, the restriction on freedom of movement applies to them for 14 days on their arrival in Estonia.

If, on your way to Estonia, you stay for two weeks in the country with a coronavirus infection rate not higher than 16, you are not required to stay in self-isolation and follow other measures. You can find the list of countries here. The list of countries is updated weekly, from which self-isolation isn’t required.

You must fully obey self-isolation rules within the first 14 days after your arrival in Estonia. That means: refrain from unessential contacts and you may leave your place of residence or permanent place of stay only to see a doctor, to purchase food, essentials and medicines, or in the event of an emergency.

If you live alone in the room, you can self-isolate in dormitory, but arrival date must be the same with all the flatmates. Please coordinate your arrival with your flatmates. This difference in procedure rules is due to difference in arriving times. If flatmates come in different times, then it is not possible to self-isolate in the dormitory.

If you share a room with your roommate, then you cannot self-isolate in the student residence and have to spend 14-days somewhere else.

For further information, please visit University of Tartu homepage, where most frequent questions are answered.