Moving to another room or residence

If you wish to move to another room or residence hall you need to make a new application throught the E-kyla system and wait for the accommodation offer.


Fill an application

To show an intrest in moving, first you need to fill an application. You can fill an application via E-kyla system. In application reason field choose "I would like to change the room". Fill your application according to your desired room.


Accepting the housing offer

When you get an offer, you will recieve a notification via e-mail. After receiving the accommodation offer you should accept the offer from E-kyla system. You can also view the new room before accepting the offer. To do so, you need to contact Student Village via email or phone.


Ending the current housing contract

The client manager will then initiate the termination of your current housing contract on a prior agreement about the terimation date.


New housing contract

The new contract must be signed in the Student Village office at the latest on the date of the termination of the current housing contract.
If necessary, the additional deposit must be paid approximately 1 week before concluding a new contract by bank transfer according to the issued invoice.



After signing the new housing contract, you will get your new keys and proximity card from the Raatuse 22 client service center. Raatuse 22 is opened 24/7.
The keys to the new rental space will be issued at the earliest on the date of termination of the previous agreement.


Handing over your former room

The keys and proximity card of your former room must be returned the day after you move. The hall manager will check the cleaned room and communal areas after you have moved out and returned the keys and proximity card.