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Waste sorting

There are 4 separate trash cans at each Residential Hall for packaging waste, paper and cardboard, bio-waste, and domestic waste. Please make sure you take your trash to the appropriate can. One carelessly thrown trash bag is enough to cancel out all the previous efforts of sorting waste because the contents of the trash can will no longer be sorted.

If you are unsure what type of trash you have accumulated or if you are not interested in sorting waste, please take your trash to the domestic waste can!

Some tips for sorting waste

  • Clean the packages – all the packages separated from domestic waste should be clean and dried. Rinse, if necessary. Dirty packages and paper is domestic waste.
  • Sort the waste by type – you may place only clean and dry paper and cardboard to the appropriate can.
  • Juice boxes, cartons, bottles, jars etc that contain no food waste is all package waste.
  • Everything else, including plastic milk packages, tin foil chip packs, food waste, or dirty trash is domestic waste.
  • Press the packaging waste together – cardboard boxes, juice boxes etc should be folded or pressed together to save space in the can. Smaller packages can be put into bigger ones of the same type.
  • Bio-waste – solid biodegradable food waste that must be put in the trash can without any trash bags or containers unless they are made of biodegradable materials. This can is not for liquids, non-biodegradable waste (plastic bags, packages etc), or any other waste unsuitable for compost.

Test your trash savvy in the game.

Old batteries

Many components of old batteries are toxic and pose a hazard to our natural environment and our health. You can take your old batteries to the designated box at your Residential Hall.