Paul Kerese 14

Living conditions

The student residence has twin rooms, one- and two-room apartments.
Twin rooms have a shared kitchen on every floor which are equipped with induction stoves and ovens. The apartments have private kitchens.
Each tenant has a bed, a desk, a chair, a closet and a shelf. Twin rooms also have a fridge.
The student residence has plenty of leisure areas with seating.
There are 3 single rooms furnished according to the needs of students with reduced mobility
This student residence has an elevator.


  • The student residence is a 15-minute walk from the University of Tartu Narva College.
  • The nearest bus stop is Kerese, about a 2-minute walk.
  • Nearest grocery store is 550 meters away.

Rent and deposit

Rental prices are valid from 01.07.2022:

Place rate

One place in a twin room

73 €

150 €

Two places in a twin room

146 €

300 €

1-room apartment

234 €

300 €

2-room apartment

293 €

300 €

The rent includes all utility costs (heating, water and sewerage, electricity) and the cost of the laundromat.