Pepleri 14

The three upper floors at Pepleri are the most popular among the students as there are a kitchen corner, shower room and toilet in each room.

There are apartments with 2 or 3 twin rooms on Floor 1 in the building, with a shared kitchen, shower room and toilet. On the fourth floor there are single studio apartments with kitchen and private toilet and shower. There are a laundry room. There is a parking lot for cars and bicycles behind the building.

The residence hall is not available for short term students.


Single room without a kitchen

70 €/month

(2 rooms)

Single room

80 €/month

(6 rooms)

Twin room

160 €/month

Twin studio apartment

170 €/month

(2.-3. floor)

Big twin studio apartment

180 €/month

(1 apartment)


300 €/month

(Single room, utility costs included)

The rent is divided between the tenants of the room and the utility costs are added (consumption of thermal energy, water and sewage, electricity).

DEPOSIT: 150 EUR per place, 300 EUR for Studio appartment.

Housing conditions

Customer service 24/7+372 742 4400