Who can apply?

Students of higher education institutions who have an active study status can apply for a place in the student residences. It also includes externs, researchers and interns. Tartu Student Village offers priority accommodation for students of the University of Tartu.

Degree-seeking students are the students who have been admitted into the university in order to obtain a degree.  This includes bachelor students, master students and PhD students.

Short-term students are students, who are admitted as exchange students or who are taking part of the ERASMUS program.

When to apply?

First-year students – the application period is between the 1st of June and until the 10th of June. During this period, the first-year students take priority.

Students from older courses – the application form is open all year. However, first year students take priority from the beginning June to the end of August. These students are accommodated in the following dormitories: Raatuse 22, Narva mnt 25, Narva mnt 27, Pepleri 14, Kerese 14 and Väike 6.

Short-term students – the application form is open twice a year. The home page for short-term student accommodation is HERE.

How can I apply?

  • Before submitting an application, familiarize yourself with the student residence options, prices and contract terms.
  • Make sure you are submitting the application at the right time. First year students can submit applications only during the application period.
  • Do not forget to extend your application! The application is only active for 30days. If it is not extended it will expire automatically and lose it’s place in the queue. An expired application can not be activated.
  • Accommodation offers are made with about a 30days’ notice. This means that the room is ready for moving in in 30days’ time.
  • To change the application, contact the Student Village at