NB! Short term (exchange) students can find information here.

NB!Applications should not be submitted earlier than the 1st of June. All applications submitted earlier than the 1st of June will remain in the general list and may not receive an offer. 

NB! A first-year student is a student admitted to the university in 2023.

Tartu Student Village offers accommodation to students of the University of Tartu in priority.  
Students of other higher education institutions can also apply for places, but we can only offer them places after the students of the University of Tartu have been housed.  

The moving in date for first-year students must be the 25th of August or earlier. 


  1. NB! We recommend that you do not reject an accommodation offer without first contacting the student village
    As a result, you may not get a new offer soon, and you may lose your place. If it seems that the first offer is not suitable for you, be sure to contact the Student Village at or by phone +372 7424400.
  2. You can only apply for one room type
    All suitable student residences can be chosen on the application, but only one room type. So please make sure in advance that the room type meets your requirements.
    NB! The first-year student queue does not extend to single rooms and apartment type rooms, as there is a long queue for these types of rooms. We recommend that you apply for “one place in a twin room” or “two places in twin room”. Later, when the first residential agreement has been signed, it is possible to apply for a more suitable room type and stay in the queue for that.
  3. When applying, be sure of your preferences 
    Information about student residences, room types and prices is available on our website.
  4. You can rank student residences by preference on the application
    If there are no more places in the first preferred student residence, we will offer a place in the student residence, which is listed as the next preference.
  5. If necessary, specify the application in the comment section
    It is possible to write different wishes or clarifications in the comments section.
  6. If you want to share a room with a friend, you must apply for a place with a friend.
    In this case, the room type must be “one place in a twin room”. The first person to apply for a place must click on the “Group application” box under the section. The second applicant must write the ID number of the future roommate on their application. We offer the opportunity to move in with a friend if there are vacancies.