The core values are the guiding principles that guide our thoughts and actions in our daily work in the Student Village.

Tartu Student Village core values:

• We are introducing new services and digital solutions that improve the living environment of tenants and the quality of service.
• We assess risks, analyze the work environment, analyze performance and the functioning of processes,
to continuously find improvements to improve the management system.

• We offer a safe and stable place to live for students in Tartu, Viljandi and Narva.
• We are managing the student residences entrusted to us economically and sustainably.
• We maintain the confidentiality of our customers, and do not disclose or transmit confidential or private information
information to third parties who have no legal basis for it.
• We are aware of the legal requirements and norms, and it is everyone’s compliance with them
mandatory for student village staff.

• We support the University of Tartu as the highest quality and most student-friendly higher education institution
• We are the most reliable partner for students in the rental market.
• We increase the competence of employees and contribute to their development through training.
• We are constantly working to improve our environmental performance, protect the environment and
we avoid pollution.

Customer interest orientation
• The starting point for the activity is the needs of the tenants.
• We guarantee optimal accommodation costs for our main target group (UT students) in higher education
during the acquisition period.
• We value customer feedback on the service we provide and make it easy ways to communicate with each other.
• We ensure a personal approach to resolving issues concerning student housing through customer support, student residence’s managers and the support team.