In order to be prepared when choosing and moving into a student residence, we recommend to check out the living conditions we offer.


There is a laundromat along with a iron and ironing board in every student residence.

All our student residences have WiFi, there is no cable connection option.

There is a bicycle storage room in every building.

There is a parking lot by every student residence. More information about services is available HERE.


The rooms have a bed, a wardrobe, a desk with a chair and a shelf. Sometimes the furniture in the rooms may differ. If tenants want to bring additional furniture to the room (a nightstand, a comfortable chair, storage boxes), then the tenant has to bring it themselves. It is not possible to move furniture out of the rooms.

Specifications for kitchen furniture are written on each student residence page. A stove and a refrigerator are available in all residences. We recommend that you first move into the student residence and only then see what additional household appliances you will need. This topic should also be discussed with roommates and flat mates.

Tenants are also allowed to bring additional furniture to the common rooms if they wish. For example, shoe shelves, bathroom shelves, mirrors.

Accessories and decor

There is no bedding or bed linen, curtains or carpets in the rooms. There are no dishes and pots/pans in the kitchens. The tenants must bring them from home or buy them. Again, we recommend moving in first and then deciding whether, for example, a desk lamp or a printer is needed in the room at all.

It is not allowed to drill holes in the walls. If the tenant wants to put pictures, fairy lights or other decorations on the wall, then this must be done without damaging the walls. Our recommendation is to explore different options at the stationery store.

Using open fire (candles and incense) is not allowed. Instead, we suggest using LED-candles and fairy lights.

Sharing the room and common areas

The order and cleanliness of the rooms and common areas must be taken care of regularly. For this purpose, we recommend that tenants make a cleaning schedule, and we have also put together cleaning instructions.

We recommend buying everything needed for cleaning together, as well as, for example, dishwashing detergent and a sponge, toilet paper, and things needed for sorting garbage.

Mutual communication between tenants is very important, because when living together you have to make compromises and consider each other’s lifestyles, habits and schedules.