In order to enjoy your stay at our residential halls throughout your studies, please read carefully the General Terms and Conditions of the Residential Agreement:

General Terms and Conditions of the Residential Agreement (valid from 01.07.2020).
Price list

Keys and proximity cards are issued at Raatuse 22 customer support centre 24/7.

If you encounter any maintenance problems, you need to inform us through our ServiceDesk system. Once you have described your problem there, our repairmen will be notified. They will reply to your notification after they’ve worked on your problem and then you can give feedback about the solution. If the problem requires the repairmen to come over to your room/flat, please make sure they have easy and clean access to the problematic area (e.g. in case of a clogged sink, remove all dishes from the sink and clean it up). If the repairmen cannot access the area, they will not proceed with the repairs.