The residential agreement will end on the date fixed on the residential agreement’s title page or earlier at the tenant’s request with 30 days’ notice.

Ending the contact

You can end the contract before the expiring date. The contract can be terminated with 30 days’ notice. In order to terminate the contract, you must log in to the E-kyla and initiate the termination of the agreement from there.

  • Check your bank details. You must provide us with correct bank details by the end date of your contract either in the E-kyla system or by e-mail.
  • You can initiate contract termination in E-kyla system. To do so, you need to log in to E-kyla and open from the left menu “Contracts” and then open your contract by clicking your contract number under “Contract ID”. After you have opened your contract, click on “End contract”. Fill all the cells – contract termination date, bank information etc. Afterwards click on “Start contract end”. A pop-up window will open with a question “Are you sure?”. Click yes to that. On your contract, you’ll see now, that new contract ending date is valid on your contract. Student Village will send you a confirmation of contract termination during the following business day.

Moving out

  • You must clean the room you have been renting and remove all personal belongings from the room as well as from the common areas. The common areas must also be cleaned.
  • The key and the proximity card must be returned to the customer support center in Raatuse 22 by the end date of the contract.
  • The room and common areas will be checked by the representative of the Student Village after you have moved out and returned your keys and card. If the room and communal areas do not meet the set requirements (described in the general terms and condirions of the residential agreement) the Student Village will order a cleaning service and inform you about it. You are obligated to compensate for the cleaning service the Student Village ordered according to the valid price list.

Final invoice and deposit money

  • Your very last rent invoice will be deducted from your deposit money. The last invoice is the rent invoice for the last month of your contract.
  • The remaining amount of the safety deposit money will be returned to you during 20 working days after the contract has ended. The Student Village has the right to deduct overdue fees, unpaid rent invoices and incidental expenses, the value of damaged or lost furniture or other property and, if needed, cleaning fees from your safety deposit money.